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Consulting and Interim management

Productive Change Through Cost-Effective, Simple, and Highly Effective Optimization Tools

Juergen Schaefer Business Consulting ensures the success and continuity of companies in the sectors of foundry and metal-processing automotive.

Being industry specialists in technology, business management, and management for many years, we ensure simple, robust solutions that deliver fast and measurable performance improvements.

The base of our solutions is directly deriving and involving production processes, technology, and operational routines. Small steps will increase the added value with a significant impact and accelerate blocked business processes.

Proven tools will be specifically tailored and thus enable management and employees straight to work with them.

Because stress and coercive situations are relaxed, the advisory know-how creates room for maneuver at short notice, especially where there are no reserves.

Change Management Suited for SME from a Practitioner for Practitioners:

  • Eliminates Weak Spots,
  • Corrects Undesirable Developments,
  • Strengthens Potential in Technology, Organization, and Employees,
  • Plans Resource-Oriented and Market-oriented,
  • Improves Liquidity and Rating,
  • Strengthens the Togetherness,
  • Improves Leadership and Communication.

USP and Central Customer Benefit

Well-balanced of savvy Engineering Know How, Business Administration, Management Competence

Versatile Set of Methods, Tools, and Solutions

Capability of Fast and Profound Problem Definition

Reasonable, Simple, Highly Effective Optimization Tools, also Ideal Fitting for the Small Business in the Sector

Focus on Technology and People Who Create Value

Expertise in Various Positions and Companies

Deep Specialization in Market and Technology

Feasible Change Management for the Automotive Supply Industry and the Foundry Sector
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