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Production Logistics
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Service Package 6: Production Logistics

Optimizes the “how” of production uses staff, equipment, and tools:

  • to Improve Production Planning and Manufacturing Control,
  • to Provide Powerful Tools for Industrial Engineering, Work Organization, and Workplace-design,
  • to Optimize Processes of Materials Management, Inventories,
  • to Find Fitter and Flexible Shift-models

USP and Central Customer Benefit

Well-balanced of savvy Engineering Know How, Business Administration, Management Competence

Versatile Set of Methods, Tools, and Solutions

Capability of Fast and Profound Problem Definition

Reasonable, Simple, Highly Effective Optimization Tools, also Ideal Fitting for the Small Business in the Sector

Focus on Technology and People Who Create Value

Expertise in Various Positions and Companies

Deep Specialization in Market and Technology

Feasible Change Management for the Automotive Supply Industry and the Foundry Sector
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