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Comprehensible, Success-proven Interventions at Central Sources of Flaws

The effective action close to the operational reality is typical for Juergen Schaefer Business Consulting.

The starting point is always the causative source of interference, which affects all subsequent processes.

The experienced view onto the production, the warehouse, the material management, on set-up times, and rejects but also in the project management quickly finds the core of the problems.

We also examine the hard indicators of cost, quality, and reliable resources. Based on a differentiated diagnosis, we conduct a gradual reorganization according to strategic priorities and the principle of maximum effect with minimal effort. Commonly speaking, to solve those issues, you will neither need large investments nor company-wide restructurings.

The widening of the ‘bottleneck’ already initiates first crucial improvements regarding the entire process chain.

We achieve these results via punctual corrections in technology, processes, communication flows, and decision paths.

Avoidable friction losses due to ‘human false positives’, will be eliminated constructively and with priority. They are responsible for 15–20% of diminished outputs. By doing so, we also consider the interfaces human - machine and human - organization.

Opportunities will be identified by constructively involving all relevant levels - from worker to boss. We always use the language of the concerned party. Comprehensive, high-impact unfoldings motivate employees and convince decision-makers of the benefits of change. Clear decisions frameworks ensure the procedure, while group agreements improve cooperation amongst affected employees and departments.

The most important instruments:

  • Theory of Constraints (TOC)
  • Six Sigma
  • Management by Policy / Hoschin-Kanri
  • Management by Objectives
  • BSC Balanced Score Card
  • Project Management DIN 69900 et seq.
  • Quality Management DIN EN ISO 9001 and IATF 16949, VDA 4, VDA 6.1 / 6.3
  • Environmental Management DIN EN ISO 14001

USP and Central Customer Benefit

Well-balanced of savvy Engineering Know How, Business Administration, Management Competence

Versatile Set of Methods, Tools, and Solutions

Capability of Fast and Profound Problem Definition

Reasonable, Simple, Highly Effective Optimization Tools, also Ideal Fitting for the Small Business in the Sector

Focus on Technology and People Who Create Value

Expertise in Various Positions and Companies

Deep Specialization in Market and Technology

Feasible Change Management for the Automotive Supply Industry and the Foundry Sector
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