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Advantage of a Versatile Generalist

Consulting services based on a personal proven track record in different management positions in enterprises of different size and property structure. Consulting that provides deep expertise in change management and turnaround management of crisis situations. Mastering tasks in corporate planning and resource management, in logistics and administration as well as in engineering, production, quality assurance, but also in controlling and management.

The dual role of being an engineer and data- and result-driven decision-maker at the same time, provides deep insights into the complex interlacing of processes in companies; while additionally supporting technical and economic integrated measures.

Vielseitige Kompetenz Jürgen Schäfer

USP and Central Customer Benefit

Well-balanced of savvy Engineering Know How, Business Administration, Management Competence

Versatile Set of Methods, Tools, and Solutions

Capability of Fast and Profound Problem Definition

Reasonable, Simple, Highly Effective Optimization Tools, also Ideal Fitting for the Small Business in the Sector

Focus on Technology and People Who Create Value

Expertise in Various Positions and Companies

Deep Specialization in Market and Technology

Feasible Change Management for the Automotive Supply Industry and the Foundry Sector
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